1. Emergency dispatch
    • Second half of Enraged Castle Girl Visits begins
  2. Changed summoning spotlight
  3. Added Kai to castle girls
    • ⚝5 Kannonji
    • ⚝3 Sunomata
  4. Others
    • 300000 registered players commemoration campaign
      • Spiritual gems and Tsubasa will as presents everyday
      • Chances of getting great success and epic success rates doubled when merging castle girls
      • all daily dispatch missions unlocked, 1 extra warehouse added to all missions
    • Added daily mission 極・蔵防衛戦 ~神娘の巻~ (Extreme version for jinmusume)
    • Balance
      • Bow class castle girls now deal 1.5 times damage to flying enemies
      • Bow class castle girls attack increased
        • Enemy Sasahara in Enraged Castle Girl Visits will be affected by this change
    • Token level cap unlocked
      • Stats increased by 1 in accordance to level cap unlock
    • Ranged tokens no longer deal decreased damage to flying enemies
      • Anping Fort from Anping's stratagem is unaffected as it didn't have decreased damage to begin with
  5. Bugs
    • Fixed weakening skills not affecting enemy castle girls in Enraged Castle Girl Visits
      • As an apology, all users registered before this maintenance are awarded 1 spiritual gem