<hero description="Shiro Project:RE, the revamped version of Shiro Project commonly referred to as ShiroPro and originally named Shiro Collection, id an upcoming Japanese browser game on the Japanese site of This wiki is a place to find English information about the game and tutorials on how to play even if you don't know Japanese." imagename="" cropposition="" />

Welcome to the Shiro Project:RE WikiEdit

In order to keep up with the revamped version, this new wiki was created. Your help is needed to construct this wiki. Goals for the wiki are here.

Player can discuss about the game here General Discussion .

Recent Updates
Latest: May 2nd, 2016
Next Maintenance: -

Current Event : None

Current Campaign : None

Past Events and Campaigns

Proxy Connection How to Play FAQ Glossary

Game DataEdit

Workshop Icon
Castle Icon
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Shrine Icon
Facility Icon
Workshop Castles Deployment Shrine Facility
Unifying the Country
天下 統一
Game Mechanics
[ [ link ] ] [ [ link ] ] [ [ link ] ] [ [ link ] ]
[ [ link ] ] [ [ link ] ] [ [ link ] ] [ [ link ] ]
List Images
God Girls Equipment List Seiyuu

Latest activityEdit

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