Mission Selection Edit


Unification 天下 統一 Edit

The first and only currently existing campaign.

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Daily Mission 曜日任務 Edit

Short missions that focus on specific drops, missions are changed daily and each mission is available twice a week.

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Emergency Dispatch 緊急出兵 Edit

Limited missions that are only available during events, may focus on unique drops and construction.

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Activate Statue Effects 像の効果発揮 Edit

Spend spiritual gems to utilize the statues' power, each activation costs 1 gem and the effects last for 5 days, activating the same effect while it's active will extend the duration for another 5 days.

Statue Effect
招き猫像 Obtain 50% more gold from missions
戦神像 Obtain 20% more Tono experience from missions
龍神像 Gain extra 5 ki at the beginning of every mission