This article lists resources than are used outside of missions.

Spiritual Energy Edit

Spiritual Energy (霊力 reiryoku) is used for deployments, with the max energy being determined by your level.

One unit of spiritual energy is recovered every five minutes, while leveling up will immediately replenish your energy. You can also spend one spiritual gem to replenish all your spiritual energy.

Keystone Edit

Keystones (要石 kanameishi) is the main resource for used castle construction. One keystone is used per normal construction while five are used for special constructions.

They are obtainable through mission drops, login rewards, and gifts and get boosted drop rates through events.

Spiritual Gem Edit

Spiritual Gems (霊珠 reishu) are the cash currency of the game, the main uses are to level up your Castle Tower Facilities, summon Castle Girls at the Shrine, and unlock construction slots at the Workshop. They can also be used to replenish spiritual energy, buy items or activate temporary buffs.

They are obtained when you beat missions for the first time on both easy and hard, log in rewards and when leveling up.

Warning: Spiritual gems bought using DMM points only last for 180 days, make sure to use all of them before then.

Gold Edit

Gold (金 kane)Used for practically anything that does not involve spiritual gems, upgrading strengthening Castle Girls and weapons, castle construction,

They are obtainable through mission rewards, mission drops, login rewards, and gifts. Retiring Castle Girls and scrapping weapons gives you gold as well. Boosted drops available through daily missions.

Quick-Complete Bell Edit

The Quick-Complete Bell (早業の鈴 hayawaza no suzu) immediately completes a castle construction regardless of the time remaining.

Obtainable through login rewards and gifts.

Kamimusu Edit

God Girls (神娘 kami-musume) are unique in that they take up Castle Girl slots, they are used purely to upgrade Castle Girls or facilities.

Obtainable through login rewards and mission drops. Boosted drops available through events.

Unique Resources Edit

Kinmeisui (金銘水) - Dropped from Revival of Tenka Fubu! event, used to construct Gifu and Inabayama.

Ogasawara Peony (小笠原牡丹) - Dropped from White Peony and Black Crow event, used to construct Matsumoto and Fukashi.