Castle Summoning Ritual 招城儀式 Edit

Spend spiritual gems to summon a high rarity castle to bolster your army! Colloquially known as Gacha.

Each summon costs 5 spiritual gems, summoning a Castle Girl will give you Castle Girls that have rarity levels of 3 star or higher. Certain Castle Girls have a higher drop rate, but that changes up every week. Go to Castle Girl Spotlight (注目城娘) to view Castle Girls with boosted drop rates and refer to Summoning Details (招城詳細) to view all possible drops.

Occasionally there is also a chance to summon 10 Castle Girls at once for the standard 50 spiritual gems. They throw in a Tsubasa Kai.

Current rotation Edit

Rarity Castle Girl
7 Goryoukaku
6 Ishiyama Gobou
5 Taga
4 Morioka

Bottom Menu Edit

Buy Spiritual Gems 霊珠購入 Edit

Buy Spiritual Gems with DMM points that you buy with real money.

Spiritual Gems DMM Points
1 100
5 500
11 1000
35 3000
70 5000
150 10000

Warning: Spiritual gems bought with DMM points only last for 180 days; in case of multiple purchases, older gems will be used first.

Buy Goods 物資購入 Edit

Buy things using spiritual gems, currently only Quick-Completion Bells are purchasable.

Bells Spiritual Gems
2 1
7 3

Replenish Spiritual Energy 霊力回復 Edit

Spend 1 spiritual gem to restore your spiritual energy, an amount equivalent to your energy cap will be added over remaining energy.