1. Create castlegirl template - Done, template is named "CastleInfo". Image templates for rarity stars, stats, terrain and weapon are requested.

Note: Castle template images should be 300px width, 415px height, and named "xxxxx_Template".

Template colours: Lightblue for 1* and 2*, Lightgrey for 3* and 4*, Violet for 5* and up.

2. Create pages for each castlegirl - Ongoing

3. Categorise castlegirls based on weapon type

4. Explain each weapon type, strengths and weaknesses

5. Make a table of all castlegirls, arranged by rarity - Name in English - Name in Japanese - Energy needed to summon - Terrain - Weapon Type - Endurance - Attack - Defense - Range - Recovery - Skill - Strategy - In progress

6. Explain each type of statistic in Combat

7. Create map template - Map No. - Map Name - Map image - Spirit needed to enter - Types/No. of enemy units

8. Create maps and arrange according to Chapters

9. Create Recent Updates

10. Create pages for Construction, Development, Summoning

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